#BigJabWeekend – Was it a success?

It was called the “Big Jab Weekend”. It was billed as the place to be. It was sold as a success. But was it a success? We take a look at the numbers, the narrative and the propaganda surrounding the event.

The Northern Ireland Department of Health, backed by a strong propaganda campaign, organised a “Big Jab Weekend” for the weekend of August 21-22. There was much fanfare and publicity around the campaign as it sought to target the young, whom the DOH believe are too lazy to get vaccinated or that they need a little bribed incentive.

The Department of Health propaganda manager David Gordon would confirm the “huge collective effort on the comms/marketing front.”

The Public Health Agency would urge everyone to “Get ready for the Big Jab Weekend”

So was the Big Jab Weekend a roaring success and did the ‘comms and marketing’ pay off?

I decided to look at the data for vaccinations for the three weekends prior to the event and soon noticed that out of the four weekends measured, the “Get The Jab Done” weekend came out marginally ahead of two previous quite normal vaccination weekends.


As you see, there is little difference in vaccination uptake in 3 out of the 4 weekends monitored, with the only exception being the weekend immediately prior to the event, that of the 14th & 15th August. I contacted a source at the Public Health Agency, who informed me that the reason for the low rate of vaccination over this weekend was to increase turnout for the following weekend – the “Big Jab Weekend”. They said this was to help with “optics” and to ensure the event looked like a success.

The BBC wrote about ‘staff celebrating’.

That would certainly seem to be the case in the comparison graph I put together above. But regardless of whether that is true or not, and I’ve no reason to believe it isn’t, we again see another example of an intent to mislead the public by Robin Swann and his propaganda assistant David Gordon, complete with media acquiescence of course.

Outside the SSE Arena in Belfast, they even hired a piper to ‘lead the amazing team of vaccinators’ in celebration as the event came to a close!


So why all the fanfare for 507 excess vaccinations over the weekend of 31/7 & 1/8? As my source said, it was about “optics”. Regardless of whether the event got 1,000 arms to jab or 10,000, the stage was set, and the piper was ordered. This event was as much about making the PHA and DOH look good as it was about making the nurses and staff feel important. It was also about selling vaccinations to the young as a “group event”. A type of “We’re all in this together” message, as was explained to me. “The message was clear, this event was about publicity and facades. It was an attempt to make the unvaccinated feel left out.”

So why did I decide to write this article? So what, if any success from the event was oversold? Why would that bother me? Well, it doesn’t bother me, but what does bother me is how fanfare and ice-creams are being used to cover for the failures of Robin Swann and Michael McBride in addressing the real reasons why so many young people don’t want to get vaccinated. Rather than face up to their role in alienating these young people, Swann and McBride would rather hire pipers and hand out pokes to distract from their failures as “health” leaders.

At the time of writing this article, 31% of 18-29-year-olds have refused any vaccination for COVID-19. That’s roughly 86,000 people from that age cohort.


25% of 30-39-year-olds have also refused any COVID-19 vaccination, that’s another 62,000 people. Added together, that equates to 148,000 people aged between 18-39 that have turned their noses up at the coercive and at times blackmailing measures from Robin Swann and his team.

These failings were brought to the fore during another attempt to coerce the young into getting the jab that failed miserably, which I wrote about here. On the 3rd of August, festival organisers for FÉILE an Phobail offered up free tickets to the first 500 people that came along to get jabbed. Again the media spun the event as a huge success as footage was streamed on every news bulletin in Northern Ireland. However, only 154 people turned up to that event.

It’s easy to see how the media allow themselves to be used as pawns in this charade when you understand that they receive huge sums of money from the Northern Ireland taxpayer, which we revealed in this report after submitting Freedom of Information requests to the Public Health Agency.

What would be foolish to believe is that this willing participation in propaganda only occurs around the vaccination campaign. The media have been lying and misrepresenting facts, data and science since this outbreak began, many such instances we have written about on this website. They have attacked dissenters for daring to question the COVID orthodoxy and government restrictions. They have labelled vaccine refusers as “conspiracy theorists” and “antivaxxers”. The media in Northern Ireland have played an extremely divisive and destructive role in all this.

It’s time to stop the lies, cease misrepresenting the facts, and stop taking the near 150K 18-39-year-olds who have so far refused the vaccines, for mugs or conspiracy theorists. It’s time for Swann and McBride to accept they have alienated many of these people via their words and actions over the past 18 months. Furthermore, it’s time for these men to stop assuming they can blackmail and threaten people to get vaccinated and when that fails to then expect these same people to have any faith or trust in them.