Vaccine Passports Are Destroying Northern Ireland Hospitality

Since Health Minister Robin Swann announced Vaccine Passports on the 17th November 2021, the hospitality sector in Northern Ireland has gone info free-fall as some venues are being left empty at a time of the year when they should be turning people away due to being too busy.

Letter from a trauma survivor to Dr Michael McBride

Northern Ireland CMO Michael McBride has delivered a very dangerous message via the BBC. In what is a clear attempt to incite aggression by members of the public on those not wearing masks, he says that he challenges non-mask wearers who he deems should be wearing them. This has led to an outcry from victims of abuse, trauma survivors and those with hidden disabilities.

PODCAST: COVID Passports – No Evidence They Cut Transmissions!

COVID Passports – No Evidence They Cut Transmissions! In our first episode of the CitizenJournos Podcast, we discuss the complete absence of any evidence that “Vaccine Passports” work at reducing COVID-19 transmissions. We take a deeper look into the Northern…