[Deleted] BBCNI Spotlight: The pending cancer pandemic due to lockdowns

On the 21st October, 2020, at a time when Robin Swann’s health service was operating as a ‘Covid only service’, Conor Spackman of BBCNI Spotlight investigated the cost of ignoring cancer patients in favour of Covid patients.

In this now deleted episode, which CJs is in possession of, Spackman interviewed cancer doctors who were desperately trying to warn of the impending ‘cancer pandemic’ that was going to present itself in Northern Ireland given this ‘Covid only’ approach of Swann and CMO Michael McBride.

The reason why it is relevant to share this episode now is that we are seeing unprecedented levels of excess deaths – and we will continue to see these figures increase – as the cost of running a ‘Covid only health service’ begins to show itself in the excess death figures.

There must be a reckoning. Those people who placed the needs of Covid patients above the needs of patients with all other illnesses and diseases must be named and shamed and held to account. In Northern Ireland, Citizenjournos are the only media outlet documenting, recording and exposing those involved in making such horrendous and inhumane decisions and it is vital that our work continues as without it, these people would be getting away with murder, quite literally.