[DELETED] Nolan Show: Colum Eastwood Demands Care-Home Staff Be Sacked For Not Being Injected

SDLP Leader Could Eastwood took to the Nolan Show Live to demand that unvaccinated care-home staff should be fired and that young people should be coerced into taking the Covid injection or else find themselves ostracised from sections of society. He blamed the spread of Covid on the unjabbed saying that it was “a pandemic of the unvaccinated”.

A Deeper Look at Northern Ireland’s non-COVID Excess Death Problem – by Alan Chestnutt

Northern Ireland is experiencing a serious issue of non-COVID excess deaths that neither the Department of Health or its media wishes to investigate. Therefore, Alan Chestnutt decides that he’ll do their job for them.

PODCAST: COVID Passports – No Evidence They Cut Transmissions!

COVID Passports – No Evidence They Cut Transmissions! In our first episode of the CitizenJournos Podcast, we discuss the complete absence of any evidence that “Vaccine Passports” work at reducing COVID-19 transmissions. We take a deeper look into the Northern…

Robin Swann Duped Executive Colleagues on Digital Health ID Vote

Robin Swann is a man who won’t often be accused of honesty by either friend or foe. In a startling revelation, Justice Minister Naomi Long points to him having hoodwinked his Executive colleagues into voting for a policy, then changing the terms after an agreement was reached.

The Announcement of Vaccine Passports Has Not Lead to 10,000 1st Doses

Northern Ireland Chief Medical Officer, Michael McBride, yesterday was quoted in several newspapers as claiming that 10,000 first doses of the COVID-19 vaccines have been administered in the week “since” mandatory Digital Health IDs were announced on the 17th November…