This website started out as a small affair that was only ever meant as a hobby and a space that I could write about the issues I was seeing all around me in the corporate media and amongst the political elite in Northern Ireland. After my first investigation obtained over 6k individual reads in a few days I realised that this may just take on a life of its own. And it did. Now some articles are read in access of 120k times.

To date, we have not accepted any donations or funding from any source but as the workload increases our costs increase and the more time I need to take away from my paid work to meet the demand for our services.

Many people have reached out to us on Twitter and on the emails wanting to help contribute to our efforts and to show their appreciation for the work we do and so I decided to accept donations to help us continue doing what we do and to assist with expansion going forward.

Our work will still remain freely available to all and we ask that you only contribute if you can and you feel it’s warranted. Please do not feel obligated.

The PayPal Donate button can be found at the bottom of pages and on the right hand side of all the investigation pages.

Thanks 🙏