[DELETED] Nolan Show: Colum Eastwood Demands Care-Home Staff Be Sacked For Not Being Injected

SDLP Leader Could Eastwood took to the Nolan Show Live to demand that unvaccinated care-home staff should be fired and that young people should be coerced into taking the Covid injection or else find themselves ostracised from sections of society. He blamed the spread of Covid on the unjabbed saying that it was “a pandemic of the unvaccinated”.

A Deeper Look at Northern Ireland’s non-COVID Excess Death Problem – by Alan Chestnutt

Northern Ireland is experiencing a serious issue of non-COVID excess deaths that neither the Department of Health or its media wishes to investigate. Therefore, Alan Chestnutt decides that he’ll do their job for them.

THE PODCAST: A look into life in care-homes in Northern Ireland under a COVID-first regime

In the first of this 3-part series, we hear the stories of three brave residents of Northern Ireland who lost loved ones in care homes during different periods of the COVID-19 pandemic. With these first-hand accounts, you will learn that…

Northern Ireland Justice Minister, Naomi Long, opposes the use of NISRA/ONS 5-year-average when assessing non-COVID excess deaths

Naomi Long argues against the use of the 5-year-average as an acceptable measurement gauge but only for assessing non-COVID excess deaths in Northern Ireland. We take a closer look at why this may be!

BBC-NI Found in Breach of BBC Editorial Standards

The BBC in Northern Ireland have long acted as a PR machine for the Department of Health in their COVID-19 messaging. That messaging has mostly been little more than scaremongering and coercive in nature. In this report we look at how the BBC-NI helped propagate lies from a Doctor without verifying the doctor’s claims or attaching a disclaimer to their broadcasts. After abandoning our complaints we were forced to circumvent them and go directly to the ECU who ruled in our favour.